Yavapai Soccer

The Fall Recreational Program

The Recreational program runs from September to November and forms teams in U15-U5 age groups. Introducing players to the game of soccer in a fun environment,  Rec soccer helps them to develop personal skills, athleticism, team dynamics and sportsmanship. 



Practice Schedules
Game Schedules
2020 Age Brackets

YSC will field teams in these age brackets in the 2020 season:  

U5 Co Ed :  players born in 2016

U6 Co Ed : players born in 2015

U8 Boys or U8 Girls: players born in 2013 & 2014

U10 Boys or U10 Girls: players born in 2011 & 2012

U12 Co Ed: players born in 2009 & 2010

U15 Co Ed: players born in 2006, 2007, 2008


Rec Player Registration
Rec Coach Registration
Rec Coach Handbook

The Rec Coach Handbook with info, policies and procedures can be found at this link:   Rec Coach Handbook

Season Dates & Gear

2020 Season Dates:

  • 8/29 Rec Coach Meeting (Mandatory)
  • 9/7 Practices may begin.
  • 9/19 First game day.
  • 10/3 Picture Day at MVP Tball turf field.
  • 10/10 & 10/17 Fall Break - NO GAMES
  • 11/21 Final Games.

Practices are held on weeknights at Prescott Valley parks. Games are held on Saturdays.

Coach requests, player requests and practice requests are NOT guaranteed.

Picture day info:

We ask that everyone be especially patient on Picture Day as delays and setbacks may arise.

Please arrive 45 minutes before your game time.

Extra picture packets will be available on site. Bring cash or check for payment.


  • Shin guards are required.
  • Soccer cleats (NOT baseball or football) are recommended.
  • Game uniforms are provided by YSC. Under-layer of matching color may be worn under uniforms. The uniform should not be covered nor have anything attached to it. Shirts must be tucked in and socks must be pulled over shin guards.
  • Water should be brought to to all practices and games by each player and should not be shared.
  • Soccer balls are recommended for each player to bring to every practice. (See chart below for ball size)
  • Wearing of metal jewelry, including pierced earrings, will not be allowed during activities.
  • Goalkeepers must wear shin pads and a jersey that distinguishes them from the field players. Keepers may wear long pants and gloves.
  • Gloves or knee pads are allowed by permission of the referee.
  • Bandanas, sweat bands, hair ties, etc. may be worn when properly secured and do not pose a danger or distraction to others or give an advantage to the wearer.

US Soccer Guidelines

U3-U15 in the Rec league is CoEd for players in the 2006,2007,2008 birth years. Field format is 7v7 on a small sized field. Ball size is 5.

Spectator's Code of Conduct

Rec League Spectators Agree To:
Sit on the opposite side of the field from the team and coaching staff,  and at least 6 feet from the sideline to provide ample space for Assistant Referees. 
Provide positive vocal support and encouragement.
Refrain from coaching from the sidelines. 
Not address or criticize the referees before, during or after a game.
Act in an orderly manner.
Enjoy the game!


Yavapai Soccer Club (YSC) and Arizona Soccer Association (ASA) are committed to returning to play in the safest manner possible.  Guided by ASA's rules for Return to Competition in full we also have local state and federal guidelines for sport and gathering sizes.  

 We ask for your help and support in these ways so that we are able to proceed with a Rec season.   

General guidelines:

  • If you or your player are sick please stay home.
  • Social distancing from teams, spectators and sideline.
  • Masks are not required by spectators but are recommended, especially when in a group or around others.
  • Respect everyone’s choice. If they decide to show up in and/or train in a mask it is to be allowed.

Guidelines for parents and players:

  • Do not share any gear,
  • Bring your own ball, shin pads, boots, etc. to practice,
  • Bring your own water and do not share,
  • Be fully prepared with all the necessary equipment you  need for either practice or scrimmage,
  • Hand sanitizer is an option and should be used responsibly and at parents discretion. 
  • If sick stay home,
  • If parent or player has been exposed to Covid-19 keep the player at home,
  • If your player has any of the symptoms of Covid-19 alert the coach and the league so we can take the appropriate steps to protect the rest of the team,
  • Please socially distance when dropping players off. 
  • Remain optimal distance at all games and practices.  Do not stand right on the sideline or close to the team. 
  • Please consider wearing a mask if you cannot socially distance.

Guidelines for coaches: 

  • Mask wear is required for all coaches at practices and games,  especially when speaking to the team and on the sidelines of games.
  • When talking to the team do not bring them in close; keep a distance.
  • No handshakes, high fives, fist bumps, etc.
  • Coaches are the only ones to pick up cones and equipment and all equipment should be cleaned after every practice
  • Ask players and/or parents at every practice and game if they have recently been exposed to Covid and how they are feeling.
  • Assign a station for each player to put their gear and prepare as they arrive.

Game Day:

  • Teams will sit on opposite sides of the field,
  • No post game handshakes,
  • No coin toss, no captains at the center pregame,
  • The home team will choose the ball or side.
  • Spectators must adhere to social distancing including:
    • staying outside of the field fences and off of the observation benches at the Pavilion field,
    • staying at a 20 foot distance from the team's sideline at the 4-Plex.  
  • Game schedules will be adjusted to limit the number of people coming and going at the same time.

We understand these are trying times but for us to be able to enjoy the kids playing we must follow these guidelines to be able to hold a Rec season.   Thank you for your help in making this season the best it can be for our players. 


If lightning is within 10 miles leave the field and seek the proper shelter. 

Wait 30 minutes from the last strike within 10 miles to re-enter the field.

MVP 4-Plex Field Map

In the 2020 Rec season we will use fewer fields than are listed here to enable social distancing per park rules. 

Spectators will be required to sit outside of the outfield fences.  

MVP Pavilion Field Map

In the 2020 Rec season spectators are not permitted inside of the fences at the Pavilion turf field.  

The Pavilion field is used for U12 and U15 Rec games. 

Registration & Fees


2020 season registration is open.

Some age groups now have wait lists.

The deadline to register is September 1. Birth years 2016-2006 are eligible.

A copy of the player's certified birth certificate is required in order to participate.

  1. Upload it to your Got Soccer account in the "Documents" section OR
  2. Email it to: registration@yavapaisoccer.com

Refunded registrations may be subject to a processing fee holdback.

$90.00 from May 1- July 15, 2020.
$100.00 from July 16- September 1, 2020.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is granted at the discretion of YSC based on application date, need, available scholarship funds and other factors.

Print Financial Assistance Application: CLICK HERE: Rec Financial Assistance Application

Please send the first two pages of your tax return with the completed application by email to : finance@yavapaisoccer.com