Yavapai Soccer


Yavapai Soccer hosts Referee training and certification for youth and adults ages 13 years and older.

Certified Referees may go on to work as game officials in Yavapai Soccer's fall Recreational season,  competitive Open League home games, the Yavapai Cup competitive tournament in April and other local matches as their experience progresses. 

Interested in becoming a Referee? 

If you are a NEW Ref or have a 2017 or older badge:  USSF certification is required,  which includes online videos plus an in-person field session.

In-person field sessions will be held in Prescott Valley in August. 

(Online registration opens in July.)

Register at this link:   https://www.azref.com/getting-started

From the list, choose the badge year 2021 and the Prescott Valley course.  The fee is $65.  Complete the online registration and video modules before coming to the field session. 


If you are a returning Ref:  For badge years 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021,  online re-certification courses are available through the OMS site:   https://azref.omgtsys.com/

Questions? Email:  referees@yavapaisoccer.com

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